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Toby Grylls  2014-07-08 03:11:30
Hahhah is it just me or did anyone else sit here thinking it was video for the first 30 seconds 
Moontea1  2014-08-30 03:27:55
This needs to be map music in a JRPG. Yes please.
radiohead cover  2014-07-28 13:22:59
beautiful capture
Pochi Landia  2014-02-18 23:26:53
Aaron Guevara  2013-12-28 03:12:16
missnicolestacie  2012-05-24 20:50:48
such a rich interpretation to an already compelling song/poem. it felt like a brain massage. thx so much for posting this
Aaron Villarreal  2012-08-24 01:03:48
I thought it was a video..
snoicaine  2011-12-29 03:50:58
Thanks! @AlexHumphreysMusic
James Camien McGuiggan  2013-09-27 12:52:02
Sounds a lot like Adams' Phrygian Gates. I never made the connection between these two pieces before, but I guess it's pretty strong actually.
Beso Gvenetadze  2012-11-14 20:34:51
would love to play this.
   (live) solo piano cover of Weird Fishes/Arpeggi - Radiohead by Steve Newcomb
Steve Newcomb (piano) plays "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" by Radiohead http://www.stevenewcomb.com.au http://soundcloud.com/stevenewcombmusic Live in Brisbane on April 24, 2009 (no edits or overdubs) *recording produced by Jade Pegg.
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