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村上強  2013-08-24 06:05:21
Barney McAll Unit - Soul 34 (Australian Jazz)
EarthMedia2009  2011-10-20 01:44:28
@Steelydan3 Thanks I recorded it at the Clovelley Bowling Club on a Protools Rig around 2000 Regards Michael
twirlyboggs  2009-06-01 01:12:52
thanks! i love it
jsingleton03  2007-04-17 11:56:27
what a cruel thing to do..to let someone listen to a such a delightful, just perfect guitar solo build up...then rudely cut it off with no warning! still deserves 5 STARS though! Brilliant!!
upT3mpo  2007-09-04 10:24:05
James Muller is the man.
Jorge Rios  2008-05-25 04:56:23
Un saludo afectuoso desde CHILE a Fabian Hevia, gran músico!!
desertChild  2007-10-02 09:56:45
nope...didn't get me..wait...nope not at all
EarthMedia2009  2009-08-04 13:49:47
wow have not seen this for a while !! I Recorded this in 2000 for The Pulse Doco !! Great Solo from James !! & Barney is always Great !!!
Steelydan3  2007-02-02 02:17:47
Thank you for posting these aussie jazz guys. Beautiful tunes beautifully recorded.
brickonthewall  2007-12-19 00:01:26
James Muller for Prime Minister !
   Barney McAll Unit - Soul 34 (Australian Jazz)
The Barney McAll Unit perform Soul 34 live on 'The Pulse'. The starts a bit weird but hang in there cos it's really good. The sound cuts out for a few seconds during the guitar solo but comes back in again so don't worry. Probably recorded in the 90s. Piano: Barney McAll Sax: Andrew Robson Sax: Reuben Derrick Trombone: Jeremy Borthwick Guitar: James Muller Bass: Jonathan Zwartz Drums: Hamish Stuart Percussion: Fabian Hevia
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