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ktulujamesorion  2009-06-02 12:53:58
i will do indeed haha :P
Paul Andrews  2009-11-28 01:54:51
Bernie is king! (well of Australia) ...
tristanhallsvids  2009-05-11 05:35:17
i was going to go to this gig... however plans changed... and... some of it is on youtube... so totally cheers for that. Bernie McGann from sydney did a gig there the night before... so he was a special guest with the Andrea Keller Quartet on this night. so the lineup from that gig was, by the looks of it Bernie McGann - alto saxophone Eugene Ball - trumpet Ian Whitehurst - tenor saxophone Andrea Keller - Piano Joe Talia - drums
Simon Wright  2011-05-21 12:01:24
Totally just watched the fotty with Bernie Mcgann tonight in Marrickville, he and his partner were lovely.
lainieyeoh  2009-06-02 12:53:10
you should tell your neighbour he made my night :) and that was the best music gig i've seen so far in melbs
ktulujamesorion  2009-06-02 11:21:52
Im not lying wen i tell you this but bernie mcgann is actually my next door neighbour...lovely guy
lainieyeoh  2009-05-11 05:39:36
Hey, took me a while to figure out it was Bernie McGann, and apparently, even more time to update my video's info :) Cheers for letting me know the line-up, appreciate it much -- don't think I could have figured out who played in the Quartet so easily. This gig totally made my night, and just a week or so into Australia too :)
Paul Andrews  2010-05-17 14:54:53
At the Pinball Whizz I heard a local alto player who blew me right away! Bernie Mcgann is the angel of the alto saxophone according to John Clare. (We all agree) Speaking of joy, Bernie is one sweet voice. At first, I couldnt believe his tone and the way he sings on the horn. No one sounds like him. So beautiful so dry and so --- I never heard alto like this before! One and only. He played a Link mouthpiece on alto What a sound. Inimitable. Bernie Mcgann turned my head right around.
   Bernie McGann and Andrea Keller Quartet @Uptown Jazz Cafe
Best performance I've seen in Melbourne. Thanks to the saxophone player. I have to google and see which band was performing. [ Update ] alto saxophone -- Bernie McGann, as special guest for the Andrea Keller Quartet and, courtesy of tristanhallsvids, the line-up should be: Bernie McGann - alto saxophone Eugene Ball - trumpet Ian Whitehurst - tenor saxophone Andrea Keller - Piano Joe Talia - drums
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