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ned2one  2010-07-29 03:07:25
would this be classified as like some form of syncopated Bosanova beat?
aaaidan  2009-09-20 07:06:23
Phenomenal beat.
Kitschead  2009-05-12 05:07:12
It's amazing how Phil Slater gets his horn to sound like come kind of eastern flute.
maplelala  2008-08-18 14:18:46
Jin C  2007-03-31 04:59:50
I just moved with full of groovew and feeling! What a deep scar of sadness called 'Han' from Korean Traditional music has!
orangejimmy  2010-08-08 16:49:39
@ned2one , simon is deeply interested in traditional korean music. Daorum is a mix of korean music (ie. the singer) and jazz/contemporary australian music (all the other guys). long story short, if you wanted to classify the beat, it wouldn't be a bossa nova as it is drawing from korean music, not brazilian.
Shinxou  2008-01-04 16:55:51
barnettsky1  2010-02-24 12:08:59
More please this is unreal!!!!!
   Daorum performing "Sinawi"
Daorum - Bae Il Tong, Simon Barker, Phil Slater, Carl dewhurst, Matt McMahon, at Jeonju Sori Festival 2006
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Peter Knight

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