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guitarmankev1  2009-04-07 01:35:15
Angeli Alvares  2011-01-24 06:18:05
This put me into a trance! I hope we don't Ever lose these wonderful cultural traditions. Thanks for presenting them to the world stage!
SuperTutorialKing  2009-11-14 03:03:12
s02r  2008-03-10 21:13:46
Very very very interesting! Absolutely great job.
elixirmuzic  2008-03-27 15:30:45
This symphony sounds like the stirring of spirits of the underworld. Haunting!!
Nuova Luce  2011-01-26 06:30:15
So unusual and fascinating! Thanks Angelialvares for sharing.
   Aboriginal Dance Classical Jazz fusion Visions of a Nomad
Aboriginal Dance Classical Jazz World Music Fusion with Didgeridoo, traditional Aboriginal and Contemporary Dance.Landscape a contemporary Symphony was written by Michael Cuming, performed by the cast of ARC dreaming , presented by Culturebank in collaboration with Nunukul Kanjeil Indigenous dance group ( dance and song) performed at the Powerhouse in Brisbane Music composed by Michael Cuming. An exotic haunting theatrical happening from Australia with the aim to cross boundary's, in every way
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