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kimosabelarry  2010-05-09 13:27:13
@scadz52 'Tutti Italiani' from Garzone's first album - plays it with Lovano on that record
scadz52  2009-07-07 14:51:48
Hi Jamie,Great playing,i love this track> what is it called???
breckerdog  2009-01-15 04:21:05
way to devour a young lion George!!!!
SwerdyJazz  2010-06-23 11:47:19
@breckerdog I wouldn't say hes devouring him....Jamie is doing shit Garzone's fingers can't do anymore...that said...Garzone's stuff is so heavy, I almost cant listen to him!....Almost ;)
   George Garzone and Jamie Oehlers
This was taken at a gig in Sept '08 in Perth, Western Australia while George was artist in residence at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. George Garzone - Tenor, Jamie Oehlers - Tenor, Graham Wood - Piano, Matt Willis - bass, Chris Tarr - drums.
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Dang Dang

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