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geetarxist  2011-12-22 09:58:02
good work
   Flying and Floating (sample) by Steve Newcomb Orchestra
an excerpt from "Flying and Floating" by Steve Newcomb Performed by: STEVE NEWCOMB ORCHESTRA (SNO) Conducted by Jonathan Ragonese 
 Mat Jodrell (trumpet and flugelhorn) 
Jonah Parzen - Johnson (bari sax, clarinet, bass clarinet) 
Alex Love (french horn) 
Jodie Rottle (flute, piccolo, alto flute) 
Amelia In (violin) 
Annette Köhler (violin) 
Nora Krohn (viola) 
William Martina (cello) 
Katie Andrews (harp) 
Steve Newcomb (composition, piano, synth, toy piano) 
Sam Anning
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