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Celebration of the Life and Work of Dr Jeff Pressing


The Department of Psychology of the University of Melbourne has launched a Biennial Event (together with an award) to celebrate the life and work of Dr Jeff Pressing.

Dr Jeffrey Lynn Pressing, an expatriate American, died on 28 April 2002. Dr Pressing was noted as a child prodigy, and became a distinguished scholar in the areas of physical chemistry, music, psychology and computer science, as well as a well-known composer and keyboard player. Dr Pressing held numerous academic positions in the USA, Germany and Australia before joining the Department of Psychology at the University of Melbourne in 1994. He was a musician, composer, teacher, writer, financial modeller, friend and family man who is dearly missed.

The evening was staged on Thursday, 23 September in Melba Hall, and featured a performance by Dr Tony Gould, who was the recipient of the first Award in Pressing's honour.

For more information visit: http://www.psych.unimelb.edu.au/ staff/staff_news/biennial-event.pdf

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